The MACM Experience

Our goal at MACM is to provide comprehensive investment management for our clients in a transparent, easily accessible manner. With more than 75 years of cumulative experience in the financial industry, every member of our team is committed to helping our clients achieve their individual goals.

We find that clients typically have two primary goals in managing their wealth – preservation and growth. We balance these two goals through an effective combination of investment management, financial planning, and estate planning services. Each of these services helps our clients feel secure in knowing they are on track to reach their financial goals.

At MACM, our business is rooted in a thorough understanding of each client’s unique situation. We know you’ve worked hard to build your wealth, and we’ll work just as hard to help you realize the financial future you envision. Working with our outside financial planning professionals, we take the time to gather a thorough understanding of each client’s goals and circumstances to better prepare for success. Moreover, as a privately-owned firm, we provide a boutique experience with customized client services, far above and beyond the cookie-cutter offering of large corporate firms.

With an awareness of your goals and your personal financial profile, we guide you to the proper investment portfolio from among our several available strategies. MACM is a dedicated team of investment professionals who will work with you to expertly chart your financial course.

Once there is a comprehensive plan to achieve your wealth goals, we conduct frequent reviews and communications to ensure everything remains on track. As part of our commitment to providing the highest level of client service to you and your family, we encourage our clients to call us anytime. We firmly being that staying connected with our clients is a key driver in achieving their financial success.

The success of our investment management is built upon our proprietary research, industry-leading asset allocation techniques and disciplined investment approach. Coupled with a keen awareness of our clients’ goals, we are able to unlock the futures our clients envision for themselves and their families.

Every quarter, we send our clients a personalized account performance summary and update. In addition, we provide our clients with comprehensive market commentary developed in-house by our research and advisory teams (you can view a sample of this commentary here). Our financial experts are continuously assessing market conditions, trends and news to enable well-informed and effective wealth strategies for both your needs and today’s ever-changing global landscape.

To make sure our clients have every opportunity to share our market and financial insights, we regularly hold client events and seminars. These insightful and entertaining events, held at prestigious locations throughout Orange County, also serve to thank our clients for their continued support. MACM’s president and chief investment officer, Mitchell Anthony, is regularly on-hand to provide commentary and answer any questions clients or their family may have.

The assets we manage for our clients are held by independent, third-party custodians.  MACM has opted to work with Charles Schwab as its primary custodian based upon their 45-year history as a stable and industry leading custodial firm. Schwab is a long-time leader in the field of investing in providing leading-edge financial technology.